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Selah Church Theme

by Admin McAwesome on 02.01.15

The Selah Church Theme is a free theme by Creative Loupe for Statamic. It was developed for small-ish churches that need a simple site to promote their programs, events and sermon audio.

This theme is provided “as is” — meaning I won’t be handling support requests or upgrading it on a regular basis. I don’t care if you use the theme for a personal website, a non-profit website or a commercial website. And feel free to customize the theme until your heart’s content. Please don’t package the theme and resell it as your own. And please leave the attribution in the footer, “A Statamic Theme by Creative Loupe”. And lastly, if you use this theme ping me on twitter @pmeissner to let me know. I would love to see it!

If you would like to tip me, please contribute to my kids quest to purchase a Wii U:



This theme doesn’t come with copious amounts of documentation and assumes you know the basics of how to set up Statamic website. If you are brand new to Statamic check out the Core Concepts section of the docs to get an understanding of how things are organized.

This site is based on the CSS framework Zurb Foundation and compiled with CodeKit. If you use CodeKit and want to customize the theme, just import the _themes/selah folder into CodeKit, and you’re all set up!

To customize the colors and typeface, change the variables at the top of the _themes/selah/selah.scss file and recompile. Of course you’re not limited to those few variables, you can go crazy in the _settings.scss file to customize all the things. NOTE: To avoid bloat I didn’t include the entire codebase of Foundation. In the settings.scss you can see what is included.

For this site to work, you’ll need to add to your _config/routes.yaml file:

  layout: sitemap
  type: rss
  layout: feed-podcast
  type: rss 
  layout: ajax

You’ll also need the setup your assets folder like so for the images and audio files:

Assets folder setup

And lastly, change the relevant variables in the _themes/selah/theme.yaml to customize your theme.

What’s with all the .jade template files?

Jade is a terse language for HTML templates and is entirely unnecessary for the theme to work. You may delete them out if you would like.


Since the Selah Church Theme is built on top of Foundation 5, it’s not compatible with IE8. See more details.

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